Are we creating a healthy sports environment for our children?

The discussion regarding what exactly is a healthy youth sports environment should be in the forefront of every parent and coaches mind. Nationwide, a youth soccer gameday can be a beautiful, yet perplexing event, that is a case study in human behavior. If you have the time to sit back and objectively observe on any weekend on any soccer field, you will see everything that is right about youth sports, and unfortunately, many things that are wrong with youth sports. Soak in a tournament or two, and watch it all be magnified.

Lest we become “that parent”, let’s all remember that we are all here for the kids.

For those of us parents that need some reformation, which is probably most of us to some degree, there is always time to re-evaluate our conduct and change it. Luckily, there is probably no population on earth as collectively willing to forgive as our children.

Before commencing every season we recommend reading Mike Woitalla’s For Kids Only, found in its entirety at










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As we set up our camping chairs and pop up our shade umbrellas, REMEMBER:

A sign posted at a Little League ballpark reminds parents that "It's Just a Game."


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