Behind the Books Blog Entries: Q & A about the origin of iplaysoccer! Part 2

Watch our backstory video below to learn more!

Q: How did you decide what to write about?

A: Lindsay & Seth have both been involved in sport, particularly the beautiful game, for many years. Raising three little ones that play, we’re able to see a lot of the things that they struggle with as they learn how to play the game. Picking topics to write about is actually easy, in fact, because we coach them it’s really fun deciding what concept we should give a go at. Obviously, since we are teaching only basic fundamental concepts, many complexities are difficult to address in this format.  The embedded video may well be the best explanation as to how and why the project commenced.  If you have five minutes, click play below.:

Q: When did you come up with the idea?

A: It was quite organic, actually. In fact, we still have and utilize the original binder of short stories we started compiling to help our oldest daughter through a rough transition from recreational level soccer to club soccer.

Long story short, she was technically very skilled, but lacked tactical awareness. When she first started with a club team, she really struggled. Instead of kicking and chasing, or winning 1v1 battles to goal, the game was beginning to convert from the child’s version of the game, to the more adult version. There were new concepts that she needed to learn, but she couldn’t comprehend them. Her coaches were asking her to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of a position, and abide by the offside law. She didn’t know what the offside law was! So, she asked us for help.

She asked us for help because the game wasn’t as fun for her when she didn’t understand it. Specifically, she asked for a book that she could read that would teach her about these concepts and tell her what to do certain situations. She wanted something she could take to her room at bedtime and read to herself. Something that would tell her when she is in an offside position, something that would tell her what a Left Back is, or what a Right Sided Midfielder does.

So we looked around for her, we checked out Amazon, Barnes and Noble… There are literally thousands of soccer books out there, but to our surprise, there exist very few titles that speak to the child about the game from their perspective, and even fewer that provide situational instruction based on reliable authority.

So, with the knowledge base that we had, we thought we’d be creative and write her some short stories, and plug in some internet images that were funny and silly.  That’s what the binder consists of.  Turns out, she really liked them. Turns out some of her teammates liked them too. Turns out several reputable coaches liked them too. People started asking us “how can we get our hands on this stuff?” We thought to ourselves, why shouldn’t every young player have a chance to read these books, and learn on their own? So we just went for it.

Initially, we were turned down by many agents and publishers prior to taking the initiative to actually have prototypes created. However, once we had the prototype out and our idea came to life, signing a formal publishing partner and distributor went very smoothly.

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