Top Five Tips For Your Child’s First Soccer Game!

With the kick-off of a new youth soccer season, we’ve put together our favorite tips to help you and your little kickers get the most out of their soccer games and training. We love to see all the kids having fun both on and off the field, as well as living a healthy and active […]

Before you yell at your child’s referee, remember these five things!

Youth soccer referees have one of the most thankless jobs in our community.  So often, no individual is liked least by both sets of parents, players, and coaches – both during, and after a contest. Yet, they are integral to the enjoyment of youth soccer, and sanctioned games could not occur without them. The task […]

Are we creating a healthy sports environment for our children?

The discussion regarding what exactly is a healthy youth sports environment should be in the forefront of every parent and coaches mind. Nationwide, a youth soccer gameday can be a beautiful, yet perplexing event, that is a case study in human behavior. If you have the time to sit back and objectively observe on any […]

Developing Realistic Expectations and Finding Timely Teaching Moments:

Each of us brings our own unique perspective about parenting and competition to our child’s athletic endeavors. At some point along the way, many of us unfortunately create unrealistic expectations of our child’s soccer capabilities to some degree.  We focus on things like playing with intensity, having tactical awareness, committing to hard challenges, ball winning, sprinting […]