Some visual aids for who gets called what if born when!

It is sometimes difficult to remember exactly how age groups are organized and what birth year should be associated with the “U(age)”.  If we’re being honest, prior to the birth year age reorganization it took a minute to think and perform some math to determine age grouping based on equating U(age) to a child’s birthdate. […]

US Soccer answers questions about the new Player Development Initiatives!

US Soccer provides some guidance for those with concerns over application and impact of the new mandates. In response to an avalanche of questions and concerns over implementation of the new 2015 Player Development Initiative mandates, most of which are being adopted this fall, the United States Soccer Federation has issued a statement.  Even better, it […]

The top SIX things you need to know as your child signs up for soccer this season!

The United States Soccer Federation (USSF) has mandated several changes for 2017. However, your local association or league may have already implemented those changes beginning in the fall of 2016. See generally, the 2015 USSF Player Development Initiatives, The age groupings for team organization will be divided differently than before: Age organization for youth teams […]